Where to take a woman on a first date that she will never forget or any place out of the norm

I met drop really beautiful woman and I need help on going somewhere different or doing an activity that she'll never forget for our first date. All suggestions welcomed.


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  • The best first date I've ever had was going biking at a state park that was close, with a break and a picnic halfway through by the lake that ran through it. Something like that is creative, fun, interesting, and romantic.


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  • Something low-cost that involves physical activity works best. Examples: Bowling, mini-golf or pool/billiards.

  • Take her to a glory hole. arrange for there to be lots of men waiting for her. most girls love the glory hole

    • What's a glory hole?

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    • C'mon man, be serious. Most women wouldn't like the glory hole, you must have had that happen to you aahaahhah!

    • man id f***ing love a bitch take me to the glory hole. they are rare to come by these days. who would ever have thought that a sexual practice would go out of fashion.

      okk OK, if I wanted to take a girl I liked somewehre special, id take her to a riverside, do some exploring, something new for her that she won't forget