We've never met but I'm now his editor and I'm growing to like him just have some problems

So I meet this guy on Facebook and he happens to be writing a book, I read a chapter and tell him id like to fix a few things he liked it and made me his editor. I have been talking to him for a month now and he's like 29 which isn't really an issue for me Because I'm pretty much 20, and age don't matter to me.. there is a couple of issues tho, he likes me and I like him, but he lives with his bipolar ex girlfriend, and has nowhere else to go, and that's all the way in flordia, I'm in vegas. She seems to make him think that she runs him and uses him for money and things, then treats him like sh*t again..but he loves her and I can't figure out why? I mean I am the only girl that is there for him and treats him like he means something to me Because he does, I help him feel better and I'm helping his dream of this book series getting done happen. he is amazingly sweet to me and we have seen pictures of each other and we both think were both sexy to each other. my question is should I persue this further or just let him be with her till this book makes us rich? Because I know he don't wanna be with her but then he does it seems.. I'm not trying to be a fallback girl but I've never had a guy treat me like he does... so if you can say anything bout this I would appreciate a lot.. I know its long but I don't know anyone better than a whole bunch of random real people to ask lol.. and would waiting for him make a choice me or her make me a fallback girl if he chooses not to be with her?. I know he wants to be with me he says it all the time, says that the only reason he's even still writing this book is because of the fact he would be standing in front of me one day.. and he said that randomly one night..lol so watcha think?


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  • I don't want to be hurtful because you actually sound pretty nice, but he is playing you. I doubt he's using you as his editor because I see many grammatical, punctuation, sentence structure,etc. mistakes in your post. I think he's taking advantage of your youth and good heart(in wanting to support him) for his own sport. Be very leary of the crazy exgirlfriend story too...my guess that's to play on your sympathies. Maybe I'm wrong...but it will all play out in the end. Just be careful and use your caring energies on someone who is real. Take care!

    • no I really am his editor just don't give a sh*t how I write on sites like these it don't matter to me, plus we have a contract and I'm really good.. you could be right I don't know thanks for your answer tho I appreciate it.