Trying to get my first relationship?

I am tired of being the guy that is looking at all my friends being able to get girlfriends, when I have trouble figure how to approach a girl. I have gone on some dates, but all the girls I have dated eventually stopped talking to me (my guess due to losing interest and I don't know why). Some of them I still talk to but they only talk to me about school stuff when we do get into contact. It is like man I still have feelings for a couple of them, yet don't want to pursue, because I have a feeling it is going to turn out the same way. So it is like how do I actually go about getting my first girlfriend? What are things that as a guy I should do on a date?


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  • Do they stop talking to you because you just figured they lost interest? A lot of times someone is waiting for the other one to make a move and backs down until they do so which can come off as them loosing interest. I think until you are told no and that things aren't going to work out then you shouldn't assume things.

    I don't think you should stop trying. Approach girls that you have common interests with. If you feel like you get the same outcome every time you go out on a date then choose new girls that you normally wouldn't go out on a date with and see what happens. You can't loose anything by picking a girl who is out of your comfort zone but you never know what may happen. The thing about dating is that it either is a yes or its a no. They either want to continue to see you or they don't. There's nothing special that you can do to keep them on the date. Always be yourself and if they don't like that then it wasn't meant to be. You'll take the right girl on a date and she'll like you for who you are but you aren't going to find her if you give up on dating.


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  • First pick one girl you really like and focus on her. Then see if see is in to you. For me a little flirting is OK but don't do the whole run game on her. Get right to the point I think your cute and a nice, fun girl do you want to go out with me some time and go on from there. it is up to you and her to see if you are the right fit. don't worry about the approaching women part because she probably feeling just like you especially if she likes you however I am still young and also have not figure the whole dating thing yet.


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