Should I just give up on this girl? I really need help on this, thank you!

so I really like this girl and we have been bbm and every time we bbm I make her laugh and she is always hahahah. I've asked her to hang out a few times and once she said definitely, another time I said I will plan something fun and she just smiled and didn't say much. last week I slipped a card in her locker and she immediately bbm'ed me at her break saying thank you so much it was so nice. and that it was very sweet. I asked her to hang out again last week and she said cause of the holidays she is going back home for the weekend.

i went on her face book and friends emailed her to wish her a happy birthday and she responded to them (all girls) its cool to hear from you we should grab dinner this week. This was to a few different girls.

should I assume she is not interested in me? she always says she is busy but based on her Facebook messages seems like she can make time for them. it just seems if she was in to me that she would have agreed to make plans right?

this hurts so bad and really need some advice. I really appreciate it!


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  • You shouldn't be asking her to "hang out." You should be asking her out for a specific day/time. You need to leave no room for misunderstanding; she needs to know with 100% certainty that you want to take her out on a date. (And no, the phrase "hanging out" doesn't qualify.) Confidence is a male strength quality that women find attractive, so go for what you want. If you ask her out and she says no, she's not interested; move on to a girl who is actually interested in you.

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