Texting a guy too much while he is on another date?

This guy I went on a date with is dating other people too... text him a few times yesterday and he eventually text me back saying he is on a date and that he would text me later... which he never did :/ but Saturday night we discussed out 2nd date... I text him once id finished work saying "where's my text hey x" but it was quite late so I assumed he was asleep, don't know what to do xx

just to update... he told me before that he doesn't think it will work out with us... not sure how he got that off one date like! oh well, onto the next one lol xx


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  • Good luck with this guy. Dating a guy that has many dated is great if you have many dates too because then its just something to do. But, I would never start a dating circle with someone that has many options because there is no focus. Because, he is so busy that he can't focus on one for more then a few minutes and so it goes till its your turn if it ever is your turn.

    Not to mention the sexual aspect of it all. STDs are only another date away. =D

    What you should do is look for someone that can give you the focus you need and deserve. Imagine putting all that time in for someone that is to busy to even call you. Uff!

    Good Luck Again,


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  • "You are hoping for an elephant to pass you by"

    Don't hope for things that not might happen, he is choosing and sorting them out and eventually he will choose the best, and acting like I'll text you later shows me a lack of interest! Once I sat at the home of an at that time my girfriend and her parents discussing our relationship plans, but actually I had met someone else that wanted to be with me so it wasn't easy to listen to the words of her parents and to the textmessages from my "new" girlfriend :p I wasn't cheating because I ended our relationship in that week and I didn't had a relationship with the other girl so... They were just girlfriends at that time.

  • He should be turning his phone off when he's on a date; it's rude to treat a date that way. Has this guy ever called you up and asked you out, or is it all texting?

    • Yeah I know, but that's not the point... he said he would text me and he hasnt... yeah, its been by text x

    • If he's interested in you, you'll hear from him. He should be calling you to ask you out, though, not texting. I've seen so much confusion and misunderstanding as a result of texting, since you don't get to see each other in person while you're communicating.

    • yeah... I know texting isn't the best form of communication! I'm hoping he will text me today, but I don't know if I text him too much yesterday :/ I don't know... we were talking about a 2nd date on Saturday night so I assume he wouldn't go off me after yesterday... I just worry too much :(

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  • Wow I think he is very rude to text other people while he was on date. I don't know if you want to date him because he can do that to you while he is on date with you. If he doesn't text you back mean he has a good time with the other girl.

    • I know it is rude like... yeah, well he seemed interested Saturday night to talk about a 2nd date with me... its just confusing x

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    • but he is single tho, he is allowed to do it :/ just want him to give me some attention too x

    • He is single yes but he is on date. His attention should be on her because he is out with her. Lol I am the same way with my roommate. I make a big deal if he doesn't pay me attention. I call and text him while he is on date. Get mad if he doesn't answer his texts.hahaha

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