What will she think when I call her after all this time?

So there's this girl I've known for a while. At some point I noticed she was flirting with me. I didn't have a working phone at the time, so I asked her to write down her number on a piece of paper. She did so with a smile.

Then I pulled the stupid mistake of losing that piece of paper. A while later I sent her a message on Facebook explaining the situation, and asked if she could send me her number.

Today I was checking my Facebook which has a ton of unread messages, and now I noticed she sent me her number, months ago...

So if I call her up explaining the situation, do you think there's any chance she'll still want to go out with me?


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  • well if I was her,i would assume you playin games. emm but if she likes you enough she probably would give you another chance. call her instead of textin,n say sth like'hey I'm really really sorry...

  • You could explain the situation again, how much do you want this girl?


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