Guys, if you're not interested, would you continue texting?

If a girl that you've met twice and spoke to on the phone a couple of times sent you a text that she wants to go out with you and that she likes you. would you be surprised?

And if you're not interested would you continue texting with her or tell her the truth/come up with an excuse long time ago?

And what does it mean if I stopped texting the guy and he contacts me after more than an week?


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  • It depends on the guy and what he's after. If he's interested in something with you, yes of course he'll continue texting. If not, and he's interested in just being friends, maybe he'll keep texting but not be as flirty, responding much later, short messages. But he won't be contacting out of politeness, if he wants to talk he'll talk.

    If you stopped texting him and he contacts you, that means he wants to talk! Could be he's missed you, thought you forgot about him, no need to figure out why he did it, just talk if you want to.


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