How do I stop the awkwardness?

Okay so Me and this guy have been on a couple dates and we Haven't kissed yet... He Is a real Nice guy and I like him a lot but he is like a foot and a half taller than me how do I kiss him without it seeming awkward?


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  • xD. what does height have to do with awkwardness, just stare him in the eyes, slowly move in, and kiss him!

    • i cant... I'll have to stand on a box or something... which I find kinda ackward

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    • you really think so? hmm

    • of course. lol.

  • Sit down when your kissing for the first time or if your near some steps stand on some. I'm 6'3" and I dated a girl who was only 5'9". It never bothered me having to bend over some to kiss her because I liked her allot and I wanted to kiss her.


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