When's the good time to call/text about lunch date?

OK so...I went out with a bunch of my friends last Friday and this guy was totally flirting with me all night long. He's known for being flirty, so I'm not sure if there's something more. Although, he grilled me about my relationship status since I casually mentioned that I got a fake-bf (the guy I hang out with once in a while and we kinda went out for a bit) to the point where he was like "OK you guys are so not dating!" and I was like, "strictly speaking, no we're not" So that got me thinking.

Anyway, he walked me back home, at that point he had his arms around me and gave me huge hugs before he left. So I suggested we do lunch sometimes, and he was like yeah sure.

So...when's a good time to text for a lunch date? I don't wanna be too enthusiastic Because he's known to be somewhat of a flirty playboy. Is Tuesday too soon? We'll just meet up during the weekdays one day for lunch.



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  • Tuesday as in tomorrow? yeah too soon. try for Thursday or Friday

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