Was this guy a jerk? Or was I being a b*tch?

so I met this guy on Facebook. he's a mutual friend of a few of my friends from high school. he messaged me one night wanting to get to know me better and asked me out to dinner, and I didn't think much of it and just said "if you want to get to know me better, my number is..." he was kinda cute, so I thought it would be harmless since we probably have crossed paths before. so we texted a few times, sporadically, and then he asked me to dinner and a movie. and I agreed. we didn't text much between that (like a Saturday) til a day before the date (Wednesday) when he called me to confirm it. so I went into it with an open mind and we both met up at a restaurant. we had a couple of things in common and the conversation was good, it was obvious that he liked me. it was actually a great dinner..

until the check came.

the bill was like 20 bucks and he stopped the waitress and said, "oh no, we're separate" and that's when it got mad awkward and I was COMPLETELY turned off, but I thought he could probably redeem himself with the movie. NO. he made it clear it was separate for the movie and then tried to hold hands with me (actually moving my arm to link his) and I did (bad move, I really didn't want to). and at the end of the date, he gave me a big long hug and expressed interest in seeing me again. I didn't want to see him again because I thought he was a cheap bastard.

somehow, my sister convinced me to give him another chance since he sent me nice texts and calling me and stuff, to which I mostly ignored. but I thought "what the hell? I just came out of a disastrous FWB, maybe this dude will treat me better" and this time when he asked me out, he wanted to take me bowling, pay and pick me up. so I said okay. not really any communication for a few days, and just a call to confirm. and I said sure. he texted me the day of the date, saying he was picking me up at 6. I still got ready, not really wanting to go, as I had tried to reschedule, but he insisted on today, and then 620 passed, and I texted him to ask where he was. he swore up and down he said 630 and he would be there soon. then at 7, he tried calling me only to leave a message saying 30 more minutes! I said forget it! and took my ass to get some ice cream, lmao.

he tried apologizing and asking me to breakfast the next day, and I said no. he called me a few more times, I did not answer. and then he left a message trying to set up another date! so, I just told him, "no, I'm not interested in going out with you anymore" to which he said "awesome! it's great some girls have consideration. I kinda thought you didn't like me anyway. was there something I did or said" and I spelled out what he did wrong. and he just said "you're right. good luck with school."

why do I always get the frogs instead of the princes?


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  • We all get frogs! They are far more common. You just keep to your standards and boundaries. a prince will show up sooner or later. Just make sure your wise enough to recognize him when he does.


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  • The guy is a cheap ass. wtf how can someone even let his date pay.

    Look get someone better. F***this guy.

    And to get a good guy, try to not try so hard. The good guy will be the one trying everything to make you happy.

    You will notice him. Until then enjoy life.

    Its not worth having a**holes like the dude stated above.

  • Sadly, there are way more frogs in the world than princes. It's a numbers game; you just have to keep kicking the wrong ones to the curb until you find the right one. That guy couldn't have made more mistakes if he had tried; you're much better off without him (as I'm sure you already know).


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  • Yeah he seems like a jerk

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