Ask friend who likes me to Homecoming?

Hey guys, so I have a friend from church. I think she liked me once last year and she doesn't have a date for homecoming. Her friend from Church keep insisting me to ask her to homecoming cause I don't have a date either.

To me, I just see her as a friend and not really much more but I don't know how she sees me.

How do you think I should ask her? Everyone around school is making giant posters and lots of balloons with roses and I don't really want to make it such a big thing. To me, I just want to ask get the it done, like "do you want to go?" "OK." Done. But since everyone else is making it so fabulous and stuff I feel like its deficient and need to do something more. (yet, I don't like her that way haha, just a friend)

So what's the best way to ask a friend to Homecoming without making it so big and stuff?


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  • Wait so you don't want to take her out?

    • I just wouldn't mind going with her to homecoming. But I'm not sure if I want to start a relationship with her.

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    • Ahahh.. Would roses mean too much as a friend? I don't really know where she is before school and I start 2nd period ahahh.. Thanks for the responses anyways!

    • Roses are too much if you don't want to date her.Why don't you just say "Hey, Megan want to go to homecoming?" Of course that was a made up name but tell me if I was right by any means.

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