How do YOU text a girl? GUYS?

so. I was just curious...

so basically, I'm supper super lazy with my phone. I duo not like texting. I even deleted my Facebook, contacting someone through technology just irks me... idk. so basically, if I'm texting someone on a daily basis, its only if I'm interested in the guy.. like very interested, as in, I could-actually-envision-myself-in-a-relationship-with-you... I used to just assume that a guy was interested in me if he was texting me everyday, initiating it, etc, but I realized I was just basing this idea mostly on the fact that, that's how I am. which I realized was kind of ignorant. so tell me. would you text a girl a lot if you WEREN'T interested in her? and this question is excluding very close friends. but girls you occasionally talk to, are acquaintances, you wouldn't talk to them that often right...?


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  • Well, there are different levels of interest.

    I don't think a guy would be texting a girl every day if he wasn't interested in her, no.

    But "interested" could mean he's okay with the idea of putting her to bed and the never speaking of it again.

    Or it could mean he really wants to make you his girlfriend.

    You really cannot determine the difference from texting.

  • Yeah I would. I like talking to people.


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