Should I text him or should I wait a little longer?

So I met this guy Sunday night, he got my number, we hooked up a bit and he texted me Monday morning twice before I had even replied to the first message. I replied then he asked if I was free to catch up this week. I told him I have work and an assignment due soon which I really need to get done but we can do something early next wk. he said that was cool. I then added him on Facebook and he accepted. and I Haven't heard anything since. I was the last one to send a text, it wasn't a question but I still thought he would've replied. he seemed really interested and said he wanted to catch up last night and thought I was hot and nice etc. should I text him? its only been a day but if he was really that interest he would've text again by now, wouldn't he?


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  • Some guys doesn't like to seem desperate or annoying, (so if he is really interested he would iniate text like every other day, so he feel like he isn't bothering you ) Instead of texting him message him on Facebook... you can put a ":)" on his wall or something.