How to weed out the creepers from the keepers on a dating site?

I recently joined a dating site and I don't know why but I've been get around 10-15 messages a day!

It's really overwhelming and I was wondering if you had any tips on what works?

Who to respond to? little hints that they're genuine or a loser?

I don't think people are understanding. When someone sends me a message say "hey baby what are you doing tonight?" and attches a picture of a very uncovered picture of their penis. they're a creeper. but I would start talking to someone who seemed to have a perfectly normal profile and then they just want sex.


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  • The ones that ask dorkish questions like: "What is the purpose of life?" or "What great thing would you like to do?" are likely to be keepers. Ones who want you to talk about yourself and are interested in non-sexual, non-dating things are likely to be keepers. Ones who have only a moderate interest in money and possessions are probably keepers. Ones who already have a passion for something creative or achieving like music, science, participation in sports, business and even religion are keepers.

    Ones that want to talk about themselves, their possessions, celebrity and local gossip and sexuality are losers. One's who want to "hang out" without purpose are losers. A keeper will not limit himself on where he looks. Even dating sites.


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  • Read their profile, if you like the look of them and they seem interesting, you meet in person. I don't think there's any magic to it.

    The people I know who had the most success with dating online tended to move very fast to meeting in person for drinks or coffee.

    Oh, the reason why you're getting 10-15 messages a day is because you're a young female.

  • I would suggest talking to them for a while. See who you get along with well or who captures your attention. That's it. Don't label them losers or creeps... only incompatible.

    If you can't do that I really think you'll be 1) lonely 2) bitter or 3) dating a mormon. Because every guy is into sex. In person... or on the internet. If anything guys are more honest and open about it online. So just get over it. And everyone will have one issue or another. Trust me.. some dork online is much better than some hot fun guy who... is into meth or sees you as a stupid f***ing twat for him to give herpes to. Pick your poison. I'd much rather have the person where I can identify why they're still single and say it's not a big deal to me.

    And stop complaining. As a guy you could be on there for several years and only get 10-15 messages. I'd rather have to weed people out than have to settle for who replies. You have it much easier.

    • you're kind of the one who sounds bitter...

    • Oh well... I didn't tell you want you wanted to hear.

      Admit it. All you wanted to do was complain. No one else needs to ask how.. they just do it. If you want I can throw a pity-party for you. We can all sit in a circle and cry about how difficult you have it. I don't see how that'll solve your problem though.

  • Everyone on a dating site is gonna be a creeper, haha.

    I would love to help you out, but I've never done online dating beofre. Best of luck

    • When you can't relate to someone liking sex... that's when you know you have a gaylord on your hands. And nothing is wrong with that at all.

    • Which makes you and me creepers since GAG is a sort of dating site.

  • A creeper may be a keeper to another.

  • What do these messages say?

    • horrible things

    • Then isn't it obvious?

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  • read their profiles, read their mesages. do they seem genuine?

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