Weird texts from my ex fiance.

So last night my ex called me and we chatted for a bit (we're still friends). Then randomly he asked how many guys I slept with. He tried to convince me to tell him so I did.

We hung up, about 30 minutes later he texts me the following:

"Does it feel wrong when your having sex with someone else and do you ever think of me and get sad."

What could be the reasons he would ask these questions and would you ask your ex the same questions?

UPDATE: And then he texted me at 2 in the morning that same night. I was sleeping so I didn't get it until the morning but he said "what are you doing."

I really hope he isn't trying to go back on our break up.


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  • Yeah, he's not so subtly trying to snake his way back into your life romantically. "do you ever think of me and get sad." He pretty much showed his entire deck of cards with that line. And he's trying to get back together by having sex with you, thinking that if he can do that, then you'll emotionally come around and be open to getting back together.


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  • He obviously misses you and is trying to get back together with you. Just remember why you two broke up in the first place and it will keep you from letting your guard down and letting him back into your life as more than friends.

  • wait are you guys still dating? cause it kind of sounds like he wants to get back together with you