Only 2nd base without dating and not further?

So I have been 4 times out with this guy and the last time we kissed. And I don't want to go further than 2nd base, 'cos I'm a virgin and I have trouble trusting that the man does listen to me and follows my will. I'm scared that he will take me without my permission if I go too far.

So if he wants to have a relationship with me, I think he will wait for sex. But I don't know if I want that too.

So if I want to have a relationship I get what I want, only the 2nd base. But if I don't want that relationship he wants to go all the way.

So what shall I do? Will he wait without a relationship?


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  • first tell him that you don't want to go past 2nd base and make it clear to him that its your body and that you want a relationship but that you don't want it to go too far to the point that you feel uncomfortable. if he doesn't want to wait and trys to pressure you into going further then break it off with him.

    • Thanks for the answer. It's just that I have had some bad experiences and I don't trust that guys listen what girls want. But I have to keep my sense with me and overcome my fears.

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  • If you don't want to go past 2nd base, then make it clear. If he won't wait for you then he isn't right for you.


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