"Can I make a small request? Can you delete your dating profiles?"

This coming from a dude I met on a dating site whom I've been talking to. We haven't even met,barely know each other,and he wants to go exclusive. WTF? Who does that? I say look buddy,we barely know each other,how do we know it will work out? Him: Well that's why we take our time and get to know each other.


next guy,please!


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  • lol, but yeah as far as I am aware you cam block a profile or delete yours, not sure how as I don't have much experience with dating sites, no one has given me proof they work, so I tend to stay away, but no I see your dilema lol, does that mean me and you can get married lol,x

    • You can,but the conversation was done off the site.

      Tonight he sends me a message saying he's done talking to me because I won't talk, LOL So I told him I wasn't interested.

      Yeah sure-when should we set a date? lol

      Anyways,dating sites do work:) I've made some good friends off of them:)

    • Ah I see, well blokes like that really are not worth your time in breaths, because anyone who doesn't make appropriate efforts are deluisional, and to not reply to someone like that is more than wise. Hey I'm free up to tomorrow if your up for it lol,x

      mmm I can imagine you can make some quality friends on those sights, but do dates actually get arranged with sincerity, or is there a lot of different agenda's, still not convinced lol, xx

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  • Yes you do need to take time to know each other but it is unfair, unrealistic, and even a bit weird of him to expect you to take your profile down. Tell him you don't feel comfortable taking it down until you know him better. If he won't listen he's got issues.

    • Coincidently,I lost connection after that. That's ok,I was done with the conversation anyway.

      Thankfully,he hasn't tried contacting me since. We shall see.

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