What do you think of dating "rules"?

Here's what I mean by dating rules:

The guy asks the girl out, chooses where to go, goes to her house and picks her up and takes her to the place then all this chivalry stuff then he has to pay for everything (that's really unfair to the guy...) then takes her home and well you get what I mean

I don't like dating rules not only are they too complicated but they have all these stupid gender roles and stereotypes

The rules say a girl can't ask a guy out - that's not good for anyone because it restricts the girl and puts pressure on the guy - actually where I live girls ask guys out all the time lol, but its different depending on where you live

The picking up thing, again its complicated and has gender roles, there are no "rules" on how you meet with a friend, so why a date?

The guy has to do all this holding doors open and stuff - its unfair to the guy and makes the girl feel weak

Then the guy has to pay for it all, that's what I find the most unfair of all, the one who asked should pay or it should be split but expecting the guy to pay just because he's the guy... is just wrong!

If a guy always paid for me... I would feel REALLY uncomfortable, I don't find a relationship where the guy does anything romantic at all, I like doing things for him, and it would be incredibly selfish of me to expect him to do everything! The thought of guys always having to pay makes me feel horrible inside to be honest

Thing is, so many guys let girls get away with that... they don't show any self-respect or believe the one-sided "it shows you care" stuff

And finally the going home... again complicated

Long story short, I don't like normal dating because its complicated and sexist, I prefer just to hang out - its like going out with a friend, I invite him out or he invites me, we decide where to go together, we go there and each pay for our own stuff, just like people who are just friends would

When it comes to paying, getting to the venue, and all that - we consider ourselves people, and so far I don't often get into arguments or anything, so its worked out great!

What do you think of the dating rules?

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  • I dislike them but would still follow them
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  • I think some are fine, others not
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  • Nothing wrong with dating rules, people should do them whether they want to or not
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Most Helpful Guy

  • All this adds up to is regulating a meat market, thinly disguised prostitution. This is why I quickly swore off traditional dating as a teenager. Watching the girls throw themselves at whoever had the hottest cars was enough to make me celibate until I met a Frenchwoman.

    • Whoa, now I totally understand how annoying this must be to guys

      I live in the UK where dating rules are far less common lol, I don't exactly know how much less since I'm young and only dated two different guys

    • It's not so grim in the UK, more down to earth, but I think there are still some of the same underlying tendencies.

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What Guys Said 7

  • They're bullsh*t, mon. Bullsh*t cause most of the time we guys have to do all the hard work of initiating the relationship and anything and deal with the possibility of rejection. And women can ask a guy out fine, every single guy likes being asked out, it gives us an ego boost too, but they don't because your gender, thanks to society raising people as such, is cowardly when it comes to relationship initiations.

  • Some make rules

    Some obey

    But the rules are for the fools

    is what I say

  • Girls should ask guys out more =D that is all.

  • I agree.

  • Ok lol I shouldve read that before I answered the side poll. I change my answer to d.

    • What rules do you agree with and what do you disagree with?

    • I don't agree with being the one to ask the girl out and I don't agree with paying for everything.

      Everything other than that is fine to a point.

  • cool question, I say make you're own rules.

    • lol ^^

      The other person would have to agree to them though, that's the hardest part

  • Garbage.


What Girls Said 4

  • I have never really paid attention to these "rules". The rules on who-pays-for-what-and-when alone are absurd.

    I'm more concerned with the levels of respect and trust that are involved between myself and the person I'm interested in.

    Treat each other fairly, honestly, and compassionately, and there's no reason you should have to subject yourself to being confused about who should pay for the 12th date.



    SOME of them still have to be used. :/

    In order to be treated right.

    • lol

      Well being nice should just come automatically (for both sides)... same as being nice to your friends

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    • Well it should really be common sense not to abuse...

    • LMAO O.K well, I don't see how common sense and abuse correlate..but what ever. I am not the one who abuses. So, ;)

  • I didn't vote because there was was no "other" option.

    I think everything is compromise. There are no rules. People make this sh*t up in their heads.

    I say talk about it with the person you are going on the date with. Not a big deal.

  • D.