To much too soon?

Is it too much too tell a lady your communicating that your looking for a relationship that will work out? Even if you guys are on a dating website

and she says she isn't looking for the love of her life on there? I mean really why join a dating web site if your not looking for a potential mate?

Yeah She e-mailed me after I asked a few more straight forward questions. Seems she was busy, but she says it's cool we can talk she says I'm nice, don't know if that's good or bad?

I guess we just start off as friends and take it from there.


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  • No, I think it would be open game because it is a dating site. If she was looking for something quick and available I'm sure she might have looked elsewhere instead of wasting time to fill out a profile and the other tedious things that go with joining a dating site. If your just upfront then she can't say you've blindsided her if things go offline- hope this helps... good luck!

    • I disagree you can put very short message like they only have to be 3 sentences I tried on once

    • I disagree you can put very short message like they only have to be 3 sentences I tried on once.

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  • As a person who's done online dating, I know it can be confusing sometimes trying to communicate. I would continue to be honest with her about what you are looking for on the site. If she wants something different, move on to someone else.

  • If she don't want to she just wants sex drop her.

    • I thought that too but she says she ain't looking for a fling or a one night stand?

    • fling or no one night stand...maybe she is just looking for a committed sexual partner...I've met a few of those on dating sites.