Is it weird to suddenly call a girl?

So I like this girl since 2009 and its been a few weeks since I've spoken to her in person. However I've never called her in like a year. So I'm wondering if it's weird/creepy to suddenly call a girl?

Would she be creeped out? Also, should I first call and say "How are you" and how her study is going then call her again later and ask her out? Or should I just ask her out from the first call?

Thank you


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  • Don't ask her out on the first call she would get the wrong impression of your intentions lol but that's depending on what type of person she is..if you were to have a general conversation and then mention "wow it's been a while since we've seen each other, it'l be nice to see you again" , "maybe we can meet up some time when your free" I'm sure that wouldn't creep her out.

    And no she shouldn't perceive you as a creep if you shared a great friendship..

  • Umm I reckon you should take it slowly! Ask her out in person, and I bet she will be 10 times more likely to agree, because she has a genuine impression of you and knows you are being sincere, and she will also appreciate your courage in asking her out =)

    But that's later, firstly, work on the phone calls!

    I don't think its weird or creepy, but more strange to have someone call you after a year, tbh! So, when you do call her, just be casual. Make her wonder why you are calling her (just calling her will do this!), talk to her so that part of her wonders you are interested, but don't make it plain obvious that you like her ;)

    Just say 'how are you doing?' or '"i haven't seen you in ages, thought we'd catch up" (but that's only if you knew her well).

    If possible, try to contact her in another way first e.g. Facebook chat (if both of you are on), or Skype or something like that, even text is good. The thing is, these things are less 'creepy' (not that calling her is if you do it properly!) because everyone does it! THEN you can call her because you've already been in contact with her!

    Well, that's what I'd do! Good luck :)


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