Why is he not calling me? Guys, please help me figure this out!

I've been seeing this guy for 2 1/2 months. AWESOME chemistry, saw each other 3 times a week, talked everyday, couldn't keep our hands off each other and now...NOTHING. He hasn't even called me in a week. I'm really hurt and confused. I don't want to call him because I feel like he has been doing this on purpose. WTH could be going on?

Yikes. I always heard that if I guy isn't calling you it's because, oh you know "He's just not that into you". We've never really played games like that and it was incredibly abrupt. No fight, disagreement...whatever. I suppose that's what I'm really asking. Am I just a glutton for punishment if I text him? I feel like it's pretty clear he doesn't want to talk to me but I don't want this to turn into a waiting game between us. That's so friggin stupid.


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  • you have a right to text and say something like" I'm doing fine thanks for asking" when he text what you on about just say, oh sorry I got a tex asking how I was and thought it was you, silly me, this should make him realize how you feel about him not getting in touch, but when he text after that don't answer, this will get his head going, and your playing him at his own game which will really mess with his head, and by then , he will be texting and begging for an answer,x

    • Ummmmm, does this really work?

    • it works, you just got to make him realize your worth his attention and to be honest, he really should be proving his worth to you, so if he wants to keep hold of the talent in you, he should be making a bit more effort, don't give guys the time if they don't show the effort,x

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  • Why the f*** is it always tge guy's fault? Neither of you call the other for a week. Why is he guilty and you innocent. Mau be he wanted you to call to get certain you were really into him and you blew it with your stupid attitude. Grow up.

    • I agree. Don't play games by sending a text and saying it is someone else. He is probably busy and has other stuff going on. Playing games will only make him think you are immature and will definitely make him lose interest if he already hasn't. If it is really bothering you, just send a simple text that say's, "Hi". Sometimes a guy will wait to see if you make an effort if he is the one that is constantly calling and texting you.

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  • Sorry, but it's pretty obvious he lost interest. He has no excuse for not making any effort to contact you in a week. If he wanted to see you or at least talk to you he would've called, but he didn't so...