How can I be with my boyfriend and make his family happy with out hanging out with them?

My boyfriend and I want to spend new years eve together but his family want to spend it with him but his dad and I got in a huge fight and now I don't see his family anymore boyfriends dad said he wanted me to hang out with them but then he says if he sees me again he will freak out at me again I just want to be with my boyfriend on new years eve.


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  • The parents approval is a really imporant factor in a relationship.

    There's a really good rule of thumb that an elder, and more specifically, the parents of a boy or girl that you're dating should recieve the upmost amount of respect automatically. The fact that you choose to fight with the father (regardless of if he was wrong or right) was not a great idea.

    When you date someone, in a way, you're dating their family too. The average person at your age will have met dozens of people that have shaped or altered their life. They've got some experiance with people by now. However, no one could possibly have more effect on them than their family. If you hate the parents, you're asking your significant other to go against the teachings of several years of their past. Even if they were neglectful, it still left a lasting impression. We are essentually, little versions of our parents... just tweaked a little. Some differances are bigger than others.

    It's probably best to let the parents spend time with their son on a holiday that's important to them. Older people (because they have done things for more years) generally have more of a pride in tradition than someone younger. It's a give and take. Let him stay there, and maybe that will gain you some respect in the parents eyes for them to ease up on you.

    The notion to date someone and try to completely isolate them from their parents is never a prudent decision. Blood is thicker than water, and currently you're the water.


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