He likes me a lot... But he doesn't respond to text conversations he started.

I'm confused about this guy as his words and actions seem to contradict. He says he likes me a lot and I believe him. I don't know how to describe it, but I can tell he's being honest about it. But this is what I don't understand: he'll text me and I'll reply a few (usually 5-10 minutes) later. I typically just respond with "hi :)," but then he won't text back, or if he does it'll only be for a few messages. I even told him good night before I went to bed (as I had replied to his text an hour and a half earlier), and he never responded. I know he's not just asleep as there's Facebook activity hours later, and I do know he's busy- but why start a conversation and not continue it? Any insight?


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  • He might not like responding in a short way.He may not like text convos. Just ask him about it if you don't mind confronting it.

    Sometimes a girl might say goodnight or whatever as a form of 'bye' online and I won't say anything and just go offline. It doesn't mean I don't like her - it might just be my style. He might have a similar thing with texts.

    Best to talk to him about it. Can be a bit awkward but you'll find out how best to treat him without wondering.

  • play him at his own game next time, because he is probably keeping you waiting, thinking it will keep you keen, so just text him, "if your not going to reply, I'm going to bed, night" and you can almost bet he will text quicker,x

    • Hm... Good plan :) ha ha

      A question, though:

      -Couldn't that make it seem like I have nothing better to do than text him?

    • No, do what stubbsy said. Shows you're interested in him as well as lets him know that he needs to step up his game!

    • No don't worry about that, us guys don't think like that, we like talking to you girls, well any normal one does anyhow lol,x

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