Do you think I'm ever going to hear from this guy again?

This guy contacts me when he's lonely. Usually just after he breaks up with another girl. He always tells me how much he wants to be with me. He'll talk to me up until the point he finds someone better, then he ignores me. No explanation, or anything. He just ignores me, until he needs me again. Then it starts all over. This has been going on for probably about a year and half. I know it's stupid that I let this happen, but whatever. I honestly don't care about how stupid/pathetic it is.

Well, this time it was a little different. He said he missed me and wanted to have some type of relationship with me. He told me that he wanted to be with me. We talked and hung out all the time. Then (like always) he met someone else. But this time, he actually called me to talk about it, which is really unusual for him. He actually told me that he doesn't have feelings for me, and only sees me as a friend. He insisted that he definitely wanted to stay friends with me.

I've barely talked to him in almost two weeks, though. He texted me once to tell me about how his band is being reviewed to be played on the radio. He didn't carry the conversation any further than that, though. I tried texting him once, and he completely ignored me. : /

Does this mean that he's done using me as his rebound girl? He's never actually out right admitted that he doesn't have feelings for me before.

I'm not really looking for advice about what I should do. I just want to know what the liklihood is that he's ever going to attempt to do the same thing again.


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  • He doesn't find you hot enough to commit to long term.

    You deserve better, move on.

    • He dates the most god awful girls. Him and one of his girlfriends broke up because he walked in on her having a train ran on her. : / Similarly awful stories with all of his other girlfriends, too. And.. not to be mean.. but not only do they all have awful personalities.. they're all butt ugly too, lol. I'm nothing like any of those girls. I and I KNOW I'm prettier than them. But whatever, none of that's really important, I guess.

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  • no matter how this ends, this needs to end for your sake.

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