Am I right to be annoyed?

Just need some justification here that I'm not being an over-reacting stereotypical paranoid girl haha.

Basically, seeing this guy for 6 months now. thought things were pretty serious. His Facebook relationship always said 'in a relationship' (we decided that we wouldn't bother linking each others names because we both hate when people stalk ha ha. and I'm happy with that)

BUT all of a sudden, on the very same day he friend requests two girls who he's known longer than me and has been flirty with for ages, he hides his relationship status.

i asked him about it and his excuse? 'people were asking me about it, and it was bringing back bad memories of my past relationship which made me upset'. WTF. lame excuse do you think?

but I was understanding, accepted it kind of. now I've asked him to change it back. he's not refused to, but has had a go at me saying I should 'calm down' - I wasn't even angry.

and 'don't start' - I wasn't starting an argument, just asked if he could. because it'd mean a lot to me.

I'd do anything to make him happy, and he clearly isn't willing to do the same. :(

he won't even give me an excuse now as to why he won't change it back. and is now ignoring me.

Not worth my time? or have I over reacted?


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  • Yeah that is weird, I don't think you're over-reacting

  • Dump him