Why do guys text you and not text back?

The guy I like, but I don't know if he likes me, will text me and we'll text for a little bit and then he just never texts back. I asked him a question last night, but he didn't write me back. I've never texted him first before, should I start? I mean, I wouldn't know what to say since we're just friends, but we're not even close or really good friends. Just...friends? I don't like texting guys that I like "hey what's up?" Because that usually never goes anywhere, I don't know I'm weird. And we've hung out before and he's just perfect for me. I really like pretty much everything about him and I want something good to happen between us. Help?


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  • I know exactly how that feels. I say if he doesn't text you back then he's not interested in anything more than being friends. I would just forget about him as being more than friends and move on. I don't text guys first because I feel like they are busy and if they really wanted to talk to me they would text or call me which I have found to be quite true since whenever I text a guy first (not very often) he acts uninterested in the conversation, tells me he is busy, or doesn't text back until hours later or even at all. So I wouldn't text him first but if you really feel the urge to then do it. Don't expect to hear anything or much back from him though. :/

    Of course he could just be busy... but that's just an excuse in my opinion.

    • I mean, but he's been texting me first. I've never texted him first, ever. I don't wanna forget about it, because I'm determined, he's perfect. Thank you though, but I'm gonna try and look a little more on the positive side. :D

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    • You too girl!

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  • i hate when people don't reply, I usually just stop texting them all together.


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  • LOL. Calm down. He could be tired or something can just pop up OR he just dosen't feel like texting you anymore.

    Why don't you both try the old fashion way: Talking on the phone. Texting is good, but when you're first trying to get to know a person or interested in a person---hearing their voice makes a huge difference then mere "text".

    Texting can get confusing because you may mean one thing, but the person you texted make take it ANOTHER way.