Have you ever dated someone and later found out?

…someone and later found out it was one of your friends older brothers. I’m currently dating this guy and recently found out it was my friends older brother I don’t really talk to my friend outside of school so I never met her brother, but somehow she found out and is really p*ssed. Honestly I really don’t like my friend anyways she is such a b*tch and is always starting rumors about me anyways. Thing is though her brother and I are already getting pretty serious and he’s starting to talk about the future with me and I know it would be a ways away anyways but I don’t want to marry him or something and her still hate me. I really do like him though and I know he feels the same.

Has anyone been in a similar situation? Does anyone have any advice or suggestions for me?

Considering I’ve had a complaint about my question I shall reword this. I’m dating my ex-friends brother. We used to be in school friends but that was it and after I found out she was spreading rumors about me and calling me a whore? (even though I’ve only slept with two people and each time I was in a relationship with them even though she’s slept with tons of guys but since I got pregnant I guess I’m the whore) Anyways I’m sorry if wording the question wrong the first time offended anyone


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  • Wow that's weird. Never been in a situation like that

    • yea I know it is but I've never met her family so I had no idea who he was

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