What should I do!? Stress!

I met a guy in college during our senior year. We rarely got to hang out due to so much school work. Now that we graduated, he went to Philly and I'm in DC. Just 3 hrs away. It's been over 5 months since I last saw him and I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM! When I wake up, he's the first thing on my mind and when I go to sleep, he's in my mind!

During one of our text conversations he told me that "Nothing worth knowing is easy to get. You're definitely worth knowing and you are definitely not easy to "get" I only wish you lived closer so that we can actually get to know each other." (Never had sex with him)

It very well seems like he is interested but I don't know if he is willing to try it out. I don't have a problem with the distance. we can even meet each other half way sometimes. That's just 1hr 1/2 drive. NO BIGGIE!

I'm taking a trip to Philly next month and I'm thinking about inviting him to hang out with me one day this is when I will want to express myself to him and my willingness to try it. Should I go for it or just move on?


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  • Hehe you sound like you are a bit over infatuated with this guy. It is a bit odd that you are so into a guy you haven't seen in 5 months. I mean I get it is hard but why haven't you been face to face in so long? I would say ye go for it, ask him out but don't have such high expectations. Be realistic so you avoid getting hurt.

  • if you really think about him as much as you say.. then go for it, you only live once right. hope this helps

    • RIGHT! It's so stressful because he's use to women taking the initiative and asking him out and I'm the total opposite of that! lol, It's been over a year and we NEVER talked on the phone. only text which most of the time I initiate.

    • i was in the situation with this one girl, a year ago... we text each other, I called her and pretty much initiated everything... so I visited her and it was amazing, but really short. so infuriating. so I still say go for it and see what happens..

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