Confused. Insight, guys?

I met this guy a few months ago and we've been seeing each other ever since...but we met on a dating site. And he still goes on there. Curious to know why that may be.

We haven't really had the "whats going on here" conversation so while I'd prefer he not be doing it, I guess I don't really find it appropriate to be upset with him for it or lash out over it. He spends a majority of his time with me, everything about his actions back up what he says, but I guess I think it's weird he's still going on there if he actually feels for me why he claims.


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  • If you haven't had the talk then it's too soon to expect him to be exclusive with you.

    When you're SURE you NEED to be exclusive, then have "the talk."

    IF, after a few weeks, he's STILL going online then it's perfectly reasonable to ask him about it. But don't come at him angry, simply be curious. Give him the benefit of the doubt until he's explained himself.

    You're connected and open and honest so talking about such things shouldn't be a big deal.

    Unless he's hiding something...

    ~ Robby

  • What is he claiming his feelings are? If you two aren't exclusive, he has every right to keep dating other women. If you want him all to yourself, you need to have a chat with him about that.

    • "If you two aren't exclusive, he has every right to keep dating other women."

      This. Absolutely.

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