What are the unofficial rules?

Ok so this guy I met last Sat asked me to dinner and after we ate he asked for my number. Anyways, he ended up calling me the next day asking my if I wanted to go out with him and his roommate and his roommate's girlfriend. We ended up having a great time and the night ended with a kiss...or two. lol

Now my question relates to when he called to ask me out. He had said that he wasn't supposed to call until three days later. Apparently that is the unofficial dating rule. So what other "rules" are there? Just so I am not completely in the dark about this.

Haha Thanks everyone for your replies.


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  • Personally, I think whatever "dating rules" there are, shouldn't be followed anyway. If a guy likes a girl (or vice versa) and he wants to call before "3 days" are up, then he should call. It doesn't seem desperate, not in my eyes anyway, but it seems more like he's saying "I like you, and I wanted to see what you were up to, and if you were available for [insert event/occasion/date here]".

    I've never followed any dating rules (could explain why I am single now, but that doesn't bother me) because in my eyes, rules are meant to be broken.

    I've never been one to do what everyone else says, mainly because if I'm going to make mistakes, then I'm going to make my own mistakes. And maybe I'm being silly in my desire to not follow the "dating rules", but I do what makes me happy. If I want to talk to a guy, then I will call him, text him, email him, whatever.

    This is of course just my opinion, everyone is different. If you want to know what people consider to be the proper etiquette of dating, that's your choice, and I hope it works out for you. But for me, I'm all about individuality. I do my own thing, and I will continue to do my own thing.


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  • Problem is they are for the most part unwritten and invented on a spot.

    People have come up with "the game" and "the rules" so that they can find ways to protect themselves as much as possible from being hurt. Think about it- we are all afraid that we’ll open up to somebody, fall for them, and in the end get screwed over mentally and emotionally. Every time we put ourselves out there it’s like hopping out of an airplane and hoping to God the chute opens before we hit the ground.

    If either one of you are not afraid or really care about playing by somebody else's rules, then the "rules" don't apply, do they? :-)


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  • ii hear that all the time from guys, most of the time they do call before the 3 days, never have I ever had a guy wait 3 days or more to call me after getting my number, but I think these guys say "i wasnt suppost to call until three days later'" to make it seem like they truly like us and kind of covering their asses so they don't seem desperate lol. I don't even think those rules exist btw 18-24 I think guys/girls who are older like in their later 20's early 30s may play the unofficial/official rule games because they have gotten burned in the past...but most guys are age are go with the flow id say, good luck I'm glad to hear you had a great time tho!

    and remember if you REALLY like this guy don't move things tooo fast in the hook up department lol its prob guna be hard but you and I prob both know if you do anything too fast it seems to end just as fast as it began! goooooooooood luck =)