How do you kiss a guy with braces?

Ive heard there are some precautions you have to take like making sure he doesn't cut his lip, but are therr really important things I need to look out for?


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  • I have braces and it hasn't impacted that very much. Just keep in mind that they can be sharp since you're not used to them (he probably is by now though). The only time I'd be more careful is if he's just gotten them tightened, because then your mouth is sore for a couple days.


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  • use your tounge and you do with any kiss...

    • Theres not like anything I need to watch out for?

    • well now that I think about it I've never made out with anyone with braces and I've never had braces. so I don't know just do it as you normally would. I don't see why it has to be different

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  • I have braces and it has never been an issue was kind of awkward when they got stuck on his jumper but hey lifes a giggle :)

    • Jumper?

    • Strange knitted jacket thing ha ha God knows how it happend it doesn't even make logical sense.