Helpp a girl out, drive-ins?

So. me and a guy are between friends and going out. we don't see each other much because of the distance. but last week he said lets go to drive ins tomorow? I agreed. but he ahsnt called me all week. nd he says girls always initiate conversations with him. and make the plans. so shud I call him nd see what's good for tomorow? a part of me wants to. but another part of me wants him to make the effort nd if he doesn't he's not worth it. &&i know he likes me because he told me he's interested in me more then a friend. that's he likes me more then a friend. so shud I call him up or text him? Help me outt pleasee. (;


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  • What the f*ck?

    "he says girls always initiate conversations with him. and make the plans."

    --> RED FLAG. Is he fat and lazy or something? I'm going to be upfront here ... I once dated a girl who initiated and made the plans to hang out. She wanted me, but sadly, I was too scared to make a move. All because she took the leadership away from me and presumed control of our dates. In other words, I lost my ballsack.

    What can you do? Well, if you DO want to see this guy, text him up and say "hey, we still on for tomorrow?"

    If he says "Yes", then subtly get him to make plans. By saying "ok let me know what you want to do."

    If he says "No" or doesn't reply back, then let him go. And don't worry about it. Maybe the distance you describe is ruining the possibility of dating each other, if you live too far apart. And sadly, yes, logistical problems can always screw things up.

    You can always put him in the friend zone until things get better. And go date other guys who are closer in your area of residence.

    • well the issue isn't if he would say no. because I know hw would say yes. but the problem is he won't make the first call or txt! and I don't want to always be the one starting it. so I'm thinking aboutt just not callin or txtin. if he likes me enuf do you think he would call?

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  • If a girl does this to me, I won't call her but I would like a girl to call me in this situation :)))))) so if you like the guy, call him up.


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  • YESSSS call him ! then next time wait for him to call you