Am I right to be angry?

My boyfriend and I were going to go out separately tonight with different friends. We were going to meet up later as we were literally a block away from each other and then head back to mine (which is a five minute walk) from the venues.

I just get a text from him reading "The boys have convinced me to stay up here tonight. I'll see you tomorrow at your place, hope you're having a good day. love you."

OK 1 I'm pissed because he knew I was applying for a major job today and hasn't asked me about it at all... 2, we're supposed to be viewing some photos we took a month ago tomorrow to see how they turned out and 3 I feel like I've been blown off.

Guys/Girls help me here. I'm really pissed off but do I have a right to be?

Oh he's now staying 2 hours north with his work buddies.


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  • I would be upset..only because he didn't ask you if it was okay to change his plans with you.

    If he asked, I would be a little disappointed but not mad. He should have asked. NOT text you and say the boys have convinced me...blah blah. That was wrong. The boys should never be able to convince should be his AND your decision ESPECIALLY if you had plans that night.

    @update: He is staying 2 hours north? Don't understand.

    • Oh he works up north which is two hours away. So he's now staying up north with the boys from work... or did. hahaha :)

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    • Yeah we did. All is good now. Just another one of those things :)

    • aww well good. :) best wishes xx

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  • 1. UHh No.

    2. UHh no again.

    3.Uhh to be slightly upset is understandable but things happened, just let it go.

    • Well he should have called at least. I've had friends do that to me, it really sucks.

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    • Thanks for the advice :)

  • This hints towards him feeling a bit stifled. Have you guys spent a lot of time together lately? You might see it as being blown off, he might be seeing it as needing to have a little room.

    I mean after all, you have a numbered list:

    1.) He knows you are applying for a major job

    2.) we were SUPPOSED to be viewing photos taken a month ago

    3.) YOU feel blown off.

    Now, unless it was HIM that scheduled the photo shoot without any help from you, I'd say lately, things have been all about you and he needs a little break.

    Instead of being angry, be excited when he returns - remind him about your major job you started today, and ask if he had fun (be sure to smile when he says he did). You'd be surprised at how much better you feel if you avoid getting angry with him.

  • Yes, I think that was something you should be angry about. Or maybe he just isn't that responsible of a type or that mature to understand how you feel about things.

  • So he agreed to meet with you?

    • initially yes. We were going to stay at my house. Now he's staying up north (2 hours away) with his work buddies

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    • Just explain to him that when something like this happens he should call you instead so if you have any concerns or objections you can talk them out instead of just a 'im staying her tonight sorry lol' and that's that.

    • Thanks for hearing me out and the advice :)

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  • well for me it's OK I understand that... you should know that Guys needs also some times with themselves and with friends too... I can say is Atleast he informed you... iT'S NOT A BIG DEAL IN A RELATIONSHIP BOTH OF You SHOULD "GIVE AND TAKE"..