What exactly is taking advantage of a girl when she's drunk or just recently broke up?

Question is up there. I've heard people say that somebody took advantage of that girl but I don't really know what they mean by that. What exactly is taking advantage of a girl when she's one of those two things. I wouldn't want to be considered a person who took advantage or somebody so I want to know what it is so I'll be sure not to do it.


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  • When's drunk, people generally mean they're taking advantage of her sexually (committing sexual assault, since she's not in a mental state where she can give proper consent).

    If she's recently broken up with someone, people generally mean taking advantage of her emotional state. Stereotypical scenario: a girl is going through a break-up, a different guy who happens to like her knows about it, and becomes her "shoulder to cry on", so to speak, thinking that his support will eventually make her like him, since she will most likely be much easier to manipulate when she's in that emotional state. Hopefully that makes sense, lol.

    • When she's*

      Man, my typos are in full force today.

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    • Crap, I saw this update the other day on my phone and forgot to reply. Sorry. :(

      Anyways, if things happen naturally and it's not the result of someone trying to manipulate the situation to their advantage, then yes, I think it's fine.

      Thank you for BA. :)

    • Haha It's cool and you're welcome.

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  • if she just got out of a relationship it means they are taking advantage of her emotional state. if she is drunk she isn't thinking straight. basically taking advantage of the mental state of the girl goes for both drunk-breakup.

    • How exactly are they taking advantage of her though?

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    • i never said that either. you aren't understanding me. taking advantage of her meaning she isn't thinking straight. it doesn't matter if she is madly in love with you-dont have sex with her if she is drunk or vulnerable. very simple.

    • Eh, I don't know. Oh well it doesn't matter, I already got the answer I was looking for with LenaLove and Elijah. Thanks anyways.

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  • Using their vulnerable state as a way to sleep with them, more or less. But, I really don't know, because I do that and I've never been accused of taking advantage. LOL. Like, maybe its different if you stick around after, or whatever.

    • Haha You use their vulnerability to sleep with them?

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    • Pretty much, yeah. I mean, most of my friends are promiscuous anyway, so its just the natural progression. But I wouldn't make her go further than she'd feel comfortable with or anything, when drunk.

      I think, perhaps, taking advantage of someone, in relation to the first option, when she's emotionally vulnerable, is when you offer comfort and support, as Lena said, but with the sole intention of using it to sleep with her. So, by that definition, I don't exactly fit.

    • Alright, I see what you mean.