If he adores his girlfriend as much as he says he does then why did he kiss me?

Last night at a house party I spent a lot of time with this guy and we got on really well. I knew he had a girlfriend and stuff, and I'd actually only just stopped seeing his brother!

Anyway we were talking about kissing people on new years eve and he was like "I would kiss you but I have a girlfriend" and I understood, didn't complain. Then when we went on a little walk he stopped and said "I'm going to kiss you now" I was like okay?! and he did and it was a really nice kiss. Then he was like "This can be our little secret". It was all innocent and quite cute if I can say so myself!

But if he adores his girlfriend as much as he says he does then why would he still kiss me?


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  • well its not uncommon for guys to have a few girls on the go at any one time. loadsa my mates have about 6 new ones every time I see them. so I don't want you to feel as if it was anything SPECTACULAR. it may have been special but until you both get yourselves straight then its alaaad of bollocks tbh.

    but on the other hand- you can't help who you love etc. it happens to people all the time... and in that respect the comment under this one is kinda unnessacary. and come on.. I'm sure she'll run off with someone one day of her life.

    • Yeah exactly, they're are hardly gonna b together forever lol he's 19 and she's 16.

      and I don't think he does have lots of girls on the go, I mean he goes on about how much he adores his girlfriend

    • I think youve got my message there girl! I'm glad about tht.. so why don't you just go for it.. not like theyre gona get married- have kids- get a house and die together when theyre 80__ LO0L! and he probs dusnt have loadsa girls by the way you have worded it. I just assume that no-a-days becasue of my mates. 'im like so whos that then?' and theyd be like 'oh michelle.' AND IT WAS ONLY SARAH YESTERDAY!!! SO CONFUSINNG!!!

    • Haha yeah I know what you mean! I can be like that though, changing the guy I like nearly every week! it's really bad.

      I honestly think he is just seeing this one girl though, they've been together ffor like.... 5 months? and they spend nearly every day together! I guess things aren't always as they seem tho, they seem rele happy but maybe that's just an illusion, who knows! Hopefully she won't find out tho, I don't rele want to mess up their relationship

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  • Because you always want what you haven't got!

    Sometimes no matter how much we love our boyfriends/girlfriends we still crave the attention from other members of the opposite sex and miss the flirtatious banter and raw attraction of the single life!

    He could just have been caught up in the moment and knew that if he didn't kiss you he'd always wonder "what if"? I don't warrant what he did and I think he's stupid to risk losing his girlfriend just so that he can feel 'wanted' by other girls. I guess in this case he got his cake and he ate a big ol' fat slice too!

    Are you close with him? Still talk?

    • Nope we aren't close

      i haven't spoken 2 him since new years eve!

      i understand wot ur sayin tho hun, thanks xx

  • Innocent? That's not innocent. The guy is clearly a cheating tosser.

    Obviously he doesn't care about her all that much. And you're not a very nice person for letting him cheat on his girlfriend with you.

    How would you feel?