How important is safety to you on a date / night out?

To summarize: My date wanted to go to a local fair/festival and I agreed on it. After doing some research, I found that the festival doesn't allow people to carry anything that classifies as or could be used as a weapon for self defense. Not even a Swiss army knife. AND this festival is in a sketchy part of town, and people have had their cars broken into when literally only 1 row away from the security office.

I told my date that it was risky and I could only do so much to protect her (I am NOT a chauvinist); even less if I couldn't carry.

We are deciding on a different location for dating, but ladies, please let me know;

**Where do you draw the line between a guy doing the right / safe thing, and a guy doing the paranoid / selfish thing?**

By selfish, I mean that, since I would not be allowed to legally carry at the festival, I myself would not feel comfortable going. They have been known to use metal detectors and also frisk people if they want.

The frisk and metal detectors are at random, making the option of concealing (regardless of the prohibition) less viable.


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  • for me I would have to feel like the guy could keep me safe. Maybe I'm old-fashioned but that's one of the reasons why I have a guy, to keep me safe and love me :)

    I wouldn't feel, well confident, if my guy told me he couldn't protect me?!

    like you didn't have to tell her you couldn't protect her, you could have just suggested somewhere else.

    I would kind of feel like my guy is a slight wimp.

    Sorry I'm not trying to judge you, I'm just giving my opinion.

    At the end of the day you thought of her safety before your ego, so maybe your a keeper lol :D

    • Thanks for the honesty. I am trained in American Kempo, some Judo, and some Wado-ryu Karate. We are conditioned to not seek conflict or be bold in our skills. Those who are truly dangerous don't act like it, and the only fight you will win every time is the fight you avoid.

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    • Thank you :) I'm sure I just blushed a little. Have to find a way to get those man points back.

    • haha sweetie! :)

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  • if he doesn't feel comfortable, then I would be totally fine with not going there.


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  • No one will be armed at the festival. I would be fearless and go to it if it were me. But that's because I'm confident and worry-free.

    And besides that, you got a girl along for the ride. So if you have her with you, she'll feel safe and be attracted to you even more.

    In the meantime, hit the gym.

    • Yes, and when no one is armed, it's a free fire zone. The actual weapons themselves possess no will of their own, so eliminating them solves nothing. Living in denial that "nothing will happen" leaves you with no options. Having a weapon for self defense gives you an option. You can always let the bad guy rape and murder you because YOU, not the gun, decide whether or not to act.

      "You can't stop a bad guy with a middle finger and a bag of quarters"

    • By the way, I am NOT taking a confrontational stance. Last week there were two mass shootings; and I've been this way (what I am and how I feel) since before them, so this is not an over emotional response or over reaction.

  • I find it odd that people being frisked for weapons makes you feel less, not more, comfortable.

    • I just meant that, if someone weighed in with "just conceal deep", the staff might still find it. The knife or gun in a mugger's hand is not the real problem. If I disarm or joint lock a man and get the gun out of his reach, the threat is still real; I'm not just going to assume I flipped a switch and made him into a good Samaritan. Having no gun just means he will go with a knife, a pair of scissors, or some metal pipe he finds on the ground.