Casual hang out. How do you differentiate

how do you differentiate a guy wanting to do a casual hang out vs. asking you out because he is interested. Ex: studying together


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  • I think a casual hang out is with a group of people or in a public place. If he's interested he'll be trying to get you alone more. Like maybe going out for coffee, or like you said studying together. If he expressing other signs of interest in addition to trying to get you alone I think you're set :)

    • But couldn't studying together be platonic as well? Now I think about it, we do spend a lot of time one-on-one. However, they are all school related such as carpooling, lunch, in between classes, etc. Is that weird?

    • Not really. I guess your best bet is to try flirting with him a bit. Or suggest doing something after studying together. Maybe take a "fun" study break and go for a walk together or something?

    • Uh, we already kinda do that... I just thought it was all platonic. I don't want to ask him if this is a 'casual hang out' because it will make the situation awkward. It got weird when he registered for a class which I am going to take to graduate but he doesn't even need it to graduate. I am guessing he either is really interested about that class or because he wants to be in same class with me. I'm too oblivious......

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