First kiss? kiss a guy I could hookup with or wait for a relationship?

a guy asked if he wanted to hook up and I've been really desperate to have my first kiss and play around, but I'm not sure whether I should wait for the right guy, or you know someone who wants a relationship to kiss me for the first time? if so, that'll been ill have to wait longer, but I don't know if I can

im 16


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  • i know a guy that just hooked up with a bunch of girls for practice pretty much for the same reasons. Just to get it overwith. Well now he is experienced and only wants fb's instead of relationships. Id say wait til it happens with a guy you actually like. Ur 16 you have plenty of time. I guess I'm trying to say it might ruin your how you view relationships if you just hookup with a guy


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  • I agree with Jimmy-you should wait for a guy to come along because if you kiss random guys and what not,they're just going to take advantage of you especially if it leads to other things.

    Good luck!:)