Could it ever still happen?

OK well I've liked this girl for like 3 months now she knows I have. is there any possibility I could still end up dating her. she wants to hang out with me like everyday and she was happy when I told her I was going to her school. if I tell her maybe ill hang out with her shell just be like Phil! or ill tell her its to far and shell say please Phil. or something so does it sound like I have a chance with her. or should I just go with the other new girl that I kind of have feelings for that I've hung out with like once.


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  • Unless, you've actually tried to date her and she's blatantly rejected you, go for the one you like the most, not the one you think is easier.

    • i haven't been rejected but I've known her for like 3 months and I've liked her for like 3 months

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  • Did you actually make a move or does she just know you like her from someone/something else? If you've been rejected before, I'd go for the new girl and stay friends with the other one.

    • i haven't been rejected but I've known her for like 3 months

    • Then yes, it could happen! Tell her if you feel anything for her or try to make a move. If she rejects you you guys could still be friends. I got rejected about a month ago by a girl I've been good friends with for a month or 3-4 as well. She was giving me signs that she likes me but when I told her I had feelings for her she told me she didn't have feelings for me. Now we're still friends and we're going to a concert next week. I'd say give it a go, you most likely won't lose her as a friend.