A Question About Texting?

what does it mean when you text someone and they text right back, but then when you send them another text they don't respond? there's this girl I work with and she'll do that sometimes, even if I text her once or twice more after being ignored she won't respond, so I'll wait for a few days and she'll usually send me a random text, I'm just wondering if its some kind of flirting or if she's just a lazy/forgetful texter...


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  • She can be busy, or maybe she doesn't know what to say.


What Guys Said 1

  • IT MEANS THAT TEXTING ISN'T THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER. Wake up to reality please, there's a lot more going on that texting, Facebook and tweeting.

    • Only sad sad people who think their movie stars use twitter, and as for Facebook her computer is really sh*tty so we never really chat on there

    • Well then, but my original bold face point still stands.

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