Which one should I choose ? (Please help... it's messing with me, can I be with both?)

So basically its about two guys, the first one "A" , the feelings are mutual, we both like each other, but he's pretty shy and quiet in person, we usually just talk on the phone & social sites.

The other "B", I now met him & I like him.. I'm not sure if he likes me, but he's always in the same places as I am ( even though we don't have the same classes) any time he's in the room I can't focus he always staring in my direction and smiling. When he looks at me my heart skips a beat, I feel like he can see my soul (O.o) I am always with my girls, so its hard to say, if he is looking at me.

They are both boyfriend material ( well so I think) so who do I choose? Get to know B ? Or go with A seeing that we already know each other.. Can I be with both? (I don't think they'll allow that)



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  • You can't be exclusive with both of them, but you can certainly go on dates with both of them until you decide which one is the better boyfriend material.


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  • i think none of them,the A one you only know through social sites which means you don't know his realll side people can lie and make up stuff if you don't hang out in person and get to know them. the B one , well seeing him everywhere can be a coincidence, no he's not following you (personal experience), you don't know neither of them enough to get in a relationship with them

    • i know.. A in person, but he's shy so we talk via fb & stuff & I've known him since January

      && okk ty :))

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