Is this just pity?

I'm not gonna tell the whole story, but to sum it up:

I like a guy I've known for a year. We've always been friendly but not hung out. I texted him about hanging out and he said that he would like that, but then I never heard from him. Like a month ago I asked about going out (as friends) but he didn't answer and then I saw him out with his friends that same night.

Two weeks ago I saw him with a girl at a cafe (a girl that I've seen him make out with once but then I found out there was nothing more to it). He said hello at the cafe but didn't talk to me (which is really strange of him to do, we always talk when we meet).

So, I got the message that he was obviously not interested.

NOW! I get a text from him yesterday that he's having a small party at his place and he wants me to come. I said I couldn't. Then he asked me if I was going to this big party that is happening next weekend (like a ball, cause we're students), which I am. He said that we'll absolutely meet there and then he asked me all these questions about my summer and what I've been doing etc.

WHAT?! Is this just pity? Is it just because he feels bad about not calling or talking to me?


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  • Sweety take a pause. This guy is obviously not a very good choice for you. He didn't want you in the first place. And not all of a sudden he acts really interested. My honest guess is that he wants to get laid or things went bad with whoever he was and he sat down and thought about a girl that he knows wants him. I have 5 big brothers and I've seen it happen.

    It's just an advice from my personal experience. And even if he decided to give "you a shot" you want to take it after all that ? sit down and think about this before you act on it.

    • Yeah, thanks for your honest answer. You're probably right. It's really strange that he would contact me all of a sudden for anything else than getting laid.

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    • Hey, I'll let you know! If you want.

    • yes id like to know XD

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