Do you think I should still text him once in a while? or only when he's single?

whats your opinion on girls who only text you when you're single? what do you think of them?

i kinda had this crush on this boy.then he got a girlfriend. awesome right? and I Haven't really talked to him since. I texted him to ask him a question. and I posted on his wall something silly and he obviously replied because were friends. but it wasn't like a conversation.

so, regardless if I still have feelings for him. do you think I should still text him once in a while? or only when he's single?


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  • You should text him whether he is single or in a relationship to show that you are his real friend, not someone in it to win it.

    Whenever he is single again I suggest you confess your feelings for him.

    Then the next time he is taken it will be with you by his side.

    • thanks :) I don't think that will happen. but you never know

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    • one thing that confuses me is though. we hadn't seen each other for six months. then we ran into each other at the fair. and for the last few hours we walked around and hung out with each other. then when we got back to our cars he texted me and said "so, that was cool hanging out with you..x)" so lets just say he knows I like him and he doesn't like me. why would he say that if it was possible I would think of it as more then it actually was? or maybe he thought I would just take it as a friend.

    • It means he enjoyed your company. You can have a good time with anyone your aunt, your grandma, your best friend etc. He didn't show you any sign that he liked you and you didn't show him any either. Guys aren't mind readers and can be totally blind when it comes to those things. Sometimes you have to be up front and say I have feelings for you.