What are your dating rules?

Just curious... What are your "rules" or like commandments... that you go by in a relationship or dating? Like He must text you first... stuff like that..


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  • -We both text each other on a daily basis.

    -Guy must pay for all dates until he are in a relationship (then every now and then I will treat him or go 50/50 on the bill.)

    -Must not be cheap/broke.

    • "Guy must pay for all dates until he are in a relationship (then every now and then I will treat him or go 50/50 on the bill.)"

      good luck with that you sexist

    • Shallow, you're only interested in money.

    • Yea, I am only interested in money considering that when my I met my boyfriend he didn't have a well paying job. Why would I want to settle for a cheap guy? The point of dating is to impress each other so that one day you two will be s/o's. Not for a guy to be cheap and say I am not paying, you pay. I'm guessing the people rating me down are CHEAP MEN.

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  • I have few. They might not be what you expect. Because they are about me. But I really don't want to limit myself and her by me expecting something unspoken of her.

    So here they are:

    -> I have to stay open.

    -> There are never any mistakes, except one: doing for a second time something that moved you away from her.

    -> Move forward. Don't get stuck in one place with her. Improve relationship any time you can!

  • Accept the fact that occasionally when we're on the phone, I may, in fact be playing a video game.

    Accept that I talk to other girls and have several female friends.

    Accept that my family and career likely come before you.

    Accept that I prefer phone calls, not texts, barring the obvious little things.

    Say things to my face.

    Don't get involved emotionally with someone else; its worse than sexing it up in my books.

  • Never tolerate sexism.


What Girls Said 3

  • 1. Thou shall not have any other lovers besides me

    2. Thou shall love me forever

    3. Thous shall make me feel appreciated

    4. Thou shall be honest

    5. Thou shall be loyal

    6. Thou shall remember my birthday

    7. Thou shall be understanding

    These rules go both ways.

  • I will never bail on my mates for him.

    • Never say never. Maybe there is some circumstances in which it would be good thing to do. ;)

    • Well I haven't so far in all my relationships. They have to accept it :)

  • He must initiate first time contact - be it general or physical.

    He must initiate first dates and make an effort to see me.

    His friends must know about me.

    My friends must like him.

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