How would you feel if you got a birthday text?

From a girl you like? What if you don't like her, how would you feel?


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  • Do you mean like as in interested in? Because I likely wouldn't give my number to a person whom I don't at least like as a person.

    But in general, I'd be giddy if I got a birthday text from a girl I liked liked :) That's right: giddy.

    • yeah as in interested in lol

  • iI've never had one from someone I didn't like! How often does that happen? I guess girls have that experience more often, but I know I'd never send one to a girl I didn't like, except maybe just to harass her.

    • so are you saying you've gotten a birthday text from girls you like?

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    • how does that make you feel?

    • It's sort of cute. Some of these women, I'd never have known...

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