Dating official or hook up?

Okay so this guy I'm really into, well a few days ago we hung out for like the 2nd time. And that night I was making advances and he was kinda catching on to them. So that night he was all acting like my boyfriend when I asked him if we were official he said yeahh but he didn't ask me out or anything. Not sure if I'm just a hook up girlfriend or an actual girlfriend. Please help me !

Thanks :)

Whoops, lol phrased this kinda wrong. I was making advances and after awhile when he started as well, he seemed into me. And its not like I've seen him twice, I've met him a few times before but hanging out like one on one was these couple of times that I'm talking about. I'm not like expecting a relationship right this second, but even my cousin said his friend said that we were official. so like I don't know. Heck I'd like to go out on a few dates with him.


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  • There's nothing "official" about that; you've only hung out twice. You need to go on some actual dates and get to know each other first.


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  • the fact that you're expecting this guy to be serious afte rthe 2nd time you see him... going to tell you exactly what he must be thinking if not saying to his friends... "this chick is crazy we have been seeing just a couple of time and she wants to go serious?!" I'm not making fun of you or anything... but I am not judging him for thinking that either! take it easy! if you start to put things like that from the very start he is just going to run away...the most you might get is he telling you yeah yeah, so he can hook up with you and once he does he will .. run away! :) good luck!