Girl coming over tomorrow and I need advice?

So I have this super cute chick coming over to watch a movie tomorrow and I'm freaking out! I have no experience in attracting girls at all. I met her on OkCupid, sent her a message, she suggested we hang, gives me her number, and now she's coming over for the afternoon. I have no idea what to do, or what NOT to do? How do I know if it's going well and she wants me to make a move or something? How do I greet her? A handshake is too formal and a hug is too personal. I'm just completely clueless, heeelp! :(


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  • 1. Stck the fridge with refreshments. Fruity girlie "alco-pop" cooler drinks for her, beer for you. Warm beverages (for example, Sweetened Irish Coffee) if it is already cold in your area. Diet pops if she won't drink.

    2. CLEAN UP THE PLACE. Scrub that toilet and bathroom, vaccuum the floors and pick up in general. Some book and video clutter is okay, but anything that indicates you are a slob is jsut wrong.

    3. Make a rough plan. What are you doing? Watching video movies? Studying? Going somewhere else? (even if it is the latter, don't skimp on #2 above. You might bring her back after all).

    4. Be open to improvisation if she objects to plan in #3 above.

    • 1. I only have $26 bucks and not a lot of food/drink here. I was going to spend that $26 on ordering food tomorrow.

      2. Doing that later tonight.

      3. Movie, smoking, chatting, I guess...

    • Follow up question to #1: What kind of credit do you have? No, you don't have to break the bank, just be stocked and be wanting for anything. This also goes for having condoms, KY, etc. ready should it come to that.

      Follow up question to #3: Ganja smoking or just cigarettes? Does she smoke? Best to get an idea about that first.

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  • My best advice is don't over think it. Your best bet will be playing it by ear in the moment. Work off the energy she gives you. If she goes in for a hug when she greets you, go for it. If she seems hesitant, welcome her with a warm smile and a "how's it going?" followed by an invitation into your home. Since you don't really know the gal there isn't much you can do to prepare. Just relax, be aware of the vibes you're getting from her, and role with the punches. Good luck!


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  • Is she working? Busy? Maybe she just doesn't text back immediately. To me, this looks like she wants sex BUT I could be wrong. Think about it, how often do you offer to go round the house of a person you've NEVER MET unless you just want a cheeky dip? I'd be surprised if sex isn't on her mind

  • Did you ask for her number or was it given to you? Do you think she's DEFINATELY coming, isn't her being polite?

    Her coming during the day... I don't think a date's on her mind man, as I said, I suspect you'll be getting your end away

    • Didn't ask, she gave it to me after we made plans to hang out. As far as I can tell she's really coming, but I guess I'll know for sure tomorrow.

      What exactly IS on her mind then? I mean we met on OkCupid, what is she expecting? At the end should I ask her if I can call her or what?

      Also, I don't know if this is important, but she seems to be taking progressively longer to answer my texts. Started texting her at 4:30 and response times keep getting longer. Going on about an hour now.

  • How long have you been speaking, how open was she in giving you her number... those are the CLEAREST clues about her intentions. By the sounds of things, you're getting your d*** wet tomorrow

    • Speaking for a little over a week, just gave me her number today. For some reason I feel like she's hesitant all of a sudden. She takes a loooong time to respond to messages/texts, and she wanted to do a different time than I suggested twice. She's coming over during the day, which doesn't seem very "date-ish" to me.