Should I text him?

There's this guy who I was dating but no longer am. It's been about two years since we've dated. We've become friends and we had stayed friends. Well our relationship became "fun" ;) and I stopped that since I had gotten a new boyfriend. He said he'd hardly talk to me because he's got a new girl now. I honestly miss the friend I had in him and to make things "easier" I just told him to delete my number and that we won't talk (we were starting to get feelings for each other due to the "Fun" ;)relationship and he has a girl he's talking to and I have a bf) I miss my FRIEND..And It's been weeks since I've talked to him and I've been hoping he'd text me..But no luck :| do I continue to wait to see if our friendship meant anything to him, or do I just man up and text him?


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  • Yes! go ahead and texy him, you ain't losing anything


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