First date tomorrow, any good advice?

i broke up with my long term boyfriend about three months ago. since then, I've been on a couple little dates, but nothing has really come of them. then, last week, I went line dancing with some friends and met this really great guy. I wasn't planning on going out with him because there's an age difference (he's 26, I'm 21), but he was really persistent, and I finally agreed. now he's been calling me every day, and I think I might really really like him. I haven't had a first date in a really long time! I need some advice... and something better than "be yourself", please:) I am really hoping this one works out!


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  • Wear some good perfume, but don't overdo it or the make-up. Dress "cute", not hot. If he jokes with you, joke back. And if you want it to go on, suggest a second date at the end of the night. Or text him afterward and say "Thanks. Let's do it again sometime :)".


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  • A 5 year age difference isn't so bad. Especially when you two are adults, at that age you are pretty much on the same page.

    1) Be yourself (thats a great way to start it off.)

    2) Be confident.

    3) Dress sexy (dont show too much and leave a little to the imagination.)

  • Dont talk about your ex and just be you and flirty and havea good time. and make sure you wear something super cute.

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