Does being blunt, refusing to play games and being honest work?

Pretend you're keeping a guy who's interested in you distant because you're being cautious. Previous relationship started and ended very quickly and you're now interested in an older guy, hence the caution. If after keeping him at arms length for a few weeks he just laid it out and told you

He's very interested in you, but not the games, and if you ever want to give up dating boys and try out a man who she knows will treat her better than she feels she deserves and respect her, then give him a call. Otherwise, he's not playing any games.

When a man changes his approach like this, does it completely throw you off or do you just dismiss them at that point?


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  • hmmm... bluntness...a little harsh reality...sincere interest...ultimatum. Those are the first things that pop into my mind when I read your question. Yes. I think I would talk to him and see how sincere he is after making this comment. I am not sure if I like ultimatums and at the same time there is no question as to what he wants, which I respect... So if I was interested back I would take a chance and see what came about. To me that would show me that you are not a wishy washy man and in my eyes that is a good thing. Basically you are saying, take a chance and if it works great, if not, you have not lost anything because up to this point you have not let me in to even find out.


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  • it might. it depends. personally I don't know if I'd believe him because it's natural to be cautious with a new person. I'd think it may just be another strategy (game) he's trying to use on me and I would doubt him still


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  • he wants what he wants.. may not want you to do what he but basically he telling look this is what ill give you just give me what I want .. its your choice.. be very cautious

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